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CASE STUDY: The Waipu Celtic Barn


The Waipu Barn is a space that needed to meet the needs of a variety of community groups and events. It needed to be flexible, it needed exceptional acoustic properties, and it needed an innovative transformable interior floor space, and above all it needed to capture the spirit and history of the Waipu community. This building is a testament to the resilience and determination of a community, the procurement process that the community chose for the project and the team that delivered a project which exceeded all expectations.


The Challenge

For this project, Trigg worked with a passionate community group to turn vision into reality, where a strong focus was placed on collaboration and transparency of process. This project needed to meet the needs of various community groups with very specific requirements. We were required to maximise the building solution within very tight budget constraints, and needed to overcome planning and building code issues and associated costs to the project. At all times, we needed to ensure the project theme ‘Celtic Barn’ was at the forefront of all decisions.


The Detail

We utilised a weatherboard exterior with a main hall concrete panel, constructing large verandahs to the main hall, which were supported by huge hardwood beams and posts. These hardwood beams have become a true feature of the build, and add a delightful authenticity to the barn concept. The Celtic Barn main hall seats 450 at corporate tables of 10, while the lobby seats 150. We used 7.5 tonne handmade hardwood trusses to support the roof. Over 870m2 of acoustic ceiling and wall linings were sourced and installed.


The Outcome

The Celtic Barn in Waipu boasts an acoustically stunning main hall for multi-use events from bagpipe recitals to speakers, shows and more. This is a world-class events centre, a modern, functional, fit for purpose community facility. Early contractor involvement ensured this project was delivered to budget and time, with less hassles and more client involvement throughout. The end result is a huge asset to the community, and due to the longevity of materials and construction, will be well-used for generations to come.