Commercial Construction

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Commercial Construction

Our Construction, your asset

Your commercial build has a specific purpose. It has unique construction requirements, is designed for targeted outcomes and requires flexibility for potential future expansion. Here at Trigg, we understand that each commercial build must be seen as an asset, requiring a team which can quickly identify and understand your required outcomes. We thrive on the challenge of realising your vision for a commercial venture, adding value through quality construction and increasing your return on investment.


Commercial construction is a diverse industry, requiring flexibility, innovation and the ability to accurately assess risk while also closely managing the costing profile. Trigg is one of the most experienced and well-regarded commercial construction teams in Northland – our reputation is based on an in-depth knowledge of our industry, and a commitment to providing exceptional results. We are dedicated to creating buildings that have financial and structural longevity, focusing on a building’s whole life. Once a project has been completed, we supply you with all of the information to assist you with the upkeep and maintenance of your new asset.


We have developed our own comprehensive system for documenting and managing a project. It is a transparent, clear and inclusive process which ensures all parties involved in the build remain informed of updates, relevant construction information, program, and health and safety issues.

Why choose Trigg?

We offer a hassle-free commercial construction process that integrates the collaborative methodology of ECI with fully-managed professional construction. With over 25 years of experience building in Northland, our team is the perfect choice for your next commercial venture. Your commercial project will be completed on time, within budget and to specification; while our processes remain transparent and fully-responsive to requirements.


Trigg will successfully manage your whole-of-project costs from the cost of construction through to professional fees and compliance costs.

Trigg will consider return on investment and whole of life costings prior to construction.

Trigg will consider the specific application of your commercial build, ensuring your structure is fit for purpose.

Trigg will manage the health and safety, economic and environmental impact of the project.

Trigg will coordinate and manage the professionals, contractors and sub-contractors required for your build.

When you work with Trigg, you are forming a partnership with a company who is committed to creating a collaborative and successful commercial construction experience with reliable outcomes of quality and cost.