Commercial Value Analysis

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Commercial Value Analysis

Trust in Trigg to complete a full commercial value analysis

Our sole objective is to ensure your finished building will be fit for the purpose for which it was intended. Trigg’s systematic and innovative approach to commercial value analysis maximises the effect of every project dollar spent and is a critical component of our process.


At Trigg, we understand the need for staying on budget. We also understand the importance of using quality materials, following the best-practice guidelines and considering long-term implications of your project.


Our Commercial Value Analysis includes cost analysis, identification of alternatives, considerations relative to labour and material availability, and effect on the project schedule. Our role is to investigate and advise you of viable alternatives that will avoid unnecessary expenses and provide improved value without straying from the client’s original vision. During the commercial value analysis review, all expenditures relating to construction, maintenance, operation, and replacement are taken into account.


As the build progresses, we maintain a watchful eye toward the budget, providing advice as to cost, schedule and constructability. Our responsiveness means we are able to act quickly and fluidly upon any changes which may occur.

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