Early Contractor Involvement

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Early Contractor Involvement

Collaborative, cost effective, time efficient

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) is the procurement method that underpins Trigg’s processes. ECI puts the team (client, consultants and contractors) together at the start of the planning process, even before the initial design, allowing us to achieve the best value for money out of your build. The early involvement of contractors adds significant value by taking advantage of the contractor’s unique perspective and expertise.


Throughout our years of experience, we have found that ECI allows for a more collaborative, innovative and transparent process for delivering commercial construction projects. Prior to start of construction, all members of the team have ample opportunity to share their objectives, issues and outcomes for the project. This process gives all parties ownership of the project. Early Contractor Involvement is central to our methodology of starting with the project deliverables of time, cost and scope, and working in reverse to ensure these are met or exceeded.

 Contractors are experts

Early contractor involvement allows the client to benefit from their valuable industry-specific knowledge right from the outset. 

Trigg focuses on advising the client and consultant of the most appropriate build methodology, materials and equipment to use, which ultimately saves time and money.


By focusing on the ECI procurement model, the Trigg team consistently add true value to the construction process and reduce the risk of added cost during the build.


Early contractor involvement promotes a better understanding of the outcome-driven process, resulting in fewer changes and less risk for your commercial construction build.