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Rhys Wasson is a long-time member of Team Trigg. We're super glad to have him on the team as he brings a massive amount of experience and skill from 35+ years working in construction around Whangarei. Over that time, he's managed a real variety of projects. He is currently Construction Manager for the Hundertwasser Art Centre project, a building destined to become one of the region's and New Zealand's iconic structures.

Just for fun, we put our Trigg 10 Quick Questions to Rhys, and this is what he had to say.


Hundertwasser Arts Centre is nearing completion, Marsden Cove Building Centre was recently handed over on schedule, and we're nearing completion of the first 12 commercial units at the Aubrey Business Centre. Across the road on Marsden Bay Drive, construction of a larger building is also in full swing, with the Mt Tiger Business Hub steaming towards its handover date at the end of Q3 2021.


Collaborative Procurement Drives Best for Project Outcomes

Price is an important part of any project, but more important is what you're getting for that price. Clients are always after the best value they can get from their construction project or program. The industry and many clients are moving away from the limitations of traditional master-servant project relationships and lowest price tendering towards a more collaborative approach because of the many advantages a partnered approach to project procurement provides all partners.