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Planning retail construction? Talk to Trigg

If you are considering retail construction, then Trigg are the team to talk to. Over the years, we have been proudly involved with the development and construction of many new retail buildings in Northland – we have the expertise and experience to add value to your retail construction project.


We have worked successfully with national and local companies alike, demonstrating our flexibility and adaptability every time.


Starting from the very first conversation, we have been able to zone in on the vision of each client and, working with them, we have developed that vision into a reality.


Collaborating with Trigg early in your project will promote innovation, efficiency and transparency of process, which in turn creates a much smoother and more cost-effective construction experience.


Trigg Projects in Full Swing

We’re thrilled to be back on-site and picking up where we left off before lockdown on projects currently in construction. Recently we completed and handed over to Marsden Maritime Holdings the first group of 12 commercial units at the Aubrey Business Centre, and we’ve started work on the construction of the next 12.