Commercial Construction


Trigg can help you realise the vision for your commercial venture, adding value through smart construction and increasing the return on your investment.

One of the most experienced and well-regarded commercial construction teams in Northland – our reputation comes from an in-depth knowledge of our industry and a commitment to providing exceptional results. Skilled at assessing and managing risk and cost, we construct buildings for financial and structural longevity, focusing on a building’s whole life.

Exceptional quality, certainty of cost and hassle-free construction.

We offer a hassle-free commercial construction process that integrates the collaborative methodology and benefits of Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) with fully managed professional commercial construction. A quality build delivered on time, within budget and to specification is what we promise. When you choose to build with us, you’ll get a construction partner that values transparency and is fully responsive to your requirements.

Our commercial construction service offers clients

Design and specification of commercial concept projects

Design and build or build-only construction

Building assessment ensuring structure is fit-for-purpose

Comprehensive project management and documentation systems

Open and inclusive construction and project management processes

Management of health and safety, economic and environmental impacts

Whole-of-project cost management

Whole-of-team coordination and management

Clear and timely project updates and communication

Once a project is complete, we supply you with information to assist with the operational requirements and ongoing maintenance of your new asset.

Commercial Value Analysis


A commercial build is a significant investment. We offer a full commercial value analysis service to ensure your finished building is viable and fit-for-purpose before you get started.

Certainty of cost and building specifications guarantees a successful project. We understand the need to stay on budget and balance that with other factors like using quality materials, following best-practice guidelines and considering the long-term outcomes of your project.

Maximising every dollar spent.

Trigg’s innovative and systematic approach to commercial value analysis maximises the effect of every project dollar spent. It’s a critical part of our process and results in a better end solution.

Our Commercial Value Analysis includes cost analysis, identification of alternatives, considerations relative to labour and material availability, and effect on the project program. Our role is to investigate and advise you of viable alternatives to avoid unnecessary expenses and provide improved value without straying from the original vision. During a commercial value analysis review, all expenditure relating to construction, maintenance, operation and replacement is considered and documented.

As your build progresses, we track project costs against budgeted costs and advise on cost, program and constructability. Our approach is to respond quickly and fluidly to any issues or changes that come up.

Project Feasibility


The ultimate success of any commercial construction project lies in answering one key question – is your project commercially feasible?

We can help you investigate your project’s commercial feasibility and cost at any stage before construction begins. You might even be in the very early stages of considering a project or options on land. We’re experts at identifying and managing construction risk, and our local knowledge and experience make us an excellent construction partner if you’re looking to invest and build in Northland.

Removing uncertainty and risk

Our disciplined approach to project feasibility will ensure your project meets pre-construction deliverables and starts on the right path for a successful build. Every factor is considered and evaluated, and every requirement is anticipated – from site appraisal, planning permission and resource consents, council and health and safety requirements, and ongoing maintenance practicalities – to remove the uncertainty and risk involved in your commercial venture.

Our feasibility assessment includes bulk and location plans, a high level cost analysis to help inform your budget, identification of alternatives, considerations relative to labour and material availability, and effect on your project program. Our role is to interrogate the project to ensure you have the best and most fit-for-purpose solution. Once you have signed of the feasibility stage we can move to developed design and risk management of that process. 

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