Efficiency in Construction: Why Time = Money When Building

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At Trigg, we understand the importance of efficiency in construction – if your commercial building project lacks efficient processes, it’ll end up costing you money. To have efficiency in construction, the Trigg process is based upon understanding desired outcomes, getting involved with your contractor at the earliest possible stage and transparent communication.

We’ve found that the more time we put into the planning stage, the less time we have to spend sorting out unforeseen issues in the latter stages of the build – saving you money.


Each construction project has its own unique set of requirements – whether it be an eye surgery, a community hall or a school complex, there is a very specific desired outcome for each build. By fully understanding what the desired outcome is, and by isolating the specific absolutes of each build, the Trigg team are able ensure each building is fit for purpose and future-proof. 

We also believe that our practise of Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) adds value to each project by creating a think tank process. When everyone involved gets around the table together at the early stages of the project, invaluable knowledge and experience can be drawn upon in order to provide real options and solutions. We’ve seen this system work time and time again to create efficiency in construction over a wide range of projects.


The Trigg team believes that to have efficiency in construction projects you must have transparent communication – right from the very beginning. At every step of each project, we ensure that clients, planners, architects, engineers, contractors and anyone else involved have easy access to what’s going on. We’ve found that this saves time, as everyone knows where to get vital information about the build, at any given time.

This transparency allows our team to be fluid, responding quickly when faced with any arising issues along the way. A great example of this efficiency in construction was the Eye Surgery project we completed in Whangarei. With on-going budget constraints and very particular desired outcomes, the Trigg team delivered an award-winning project on time and to budget.

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Hayley joined the team in October this year in a Construction Support role and as Trigg’s Health and Safety Officer. Based at Trigg HQ with Marlene, Hayley likes to be busy and has added huge value to the team’s work in the short time she’s been with us.

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