Men’s Health Matters

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As an industry that employs large numbers of men, the health of our workforce is a hugely important issue for the sector. Master Builders NZ have sponsored and supported Men’s Health Week since its inception, to help get the message out to men to proactively take care of their health, and break down some of those macho mantras that might prevent men from getting regular health checks.

Read Darrell’s Building Today article Personal Warrant of Fitness – Get yourself a check-up! It looks at why and how to take better care of your health if you’re a kiwi bloke and the importance of spotting signs and making time for self-care.

What’s your score? Darrell recently took the ‘What’s your score?’ test on the Men’s Health Week website. His score was 46, which indicated he needed to book in for a yearly check with his GP and discuss age-appropriate health risks. It only takes a few minutes and prompts you to think about some important questions. Why not take the test today, or give the important men in your life a nudge to jump on and take it.

Take the What’s your score? test now


Men’s Health Week NZ Ambassador, Mark Sainsbury and Darrell visited The Cafe to chat with Mel Homer about the health of our male population. They offered some fascinating statistics about why we should take notice.

You can watch the segment here. 

To find out more about Men’s Health Week visit  

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We are the community

Our local community is a big focus for us and at the heart of everything we do! Outside of his busy construction life, Darrell is the Ruakaka Volunteer Fire Brigade’s Chief Fire Officer.

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