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Northland award-winning construction team takes out top prize

Trigg continues to cement their reputation as one of New Zealand’s top construction companies, with the Northland award-winning construction team taking out yet another top prize – this time at the recent New Zealand Commercial Project Awards.

For Darrell and Marlene Trigg, their success at the Commercial Project Awards was compounded by the extremely high calibre of entrants this year, and they feel extremely proud to have been recognised amongst such quality submissions.

Trigg entered the recently completed Waipu Celtic Barn, taking out the Silver award in the category of Tourism and Leisure. The Celtic Barn was a hugely involved construction process, with over 150 community groups committing themselves to the completion of the project. Trigg, along with project partners Hawthorn Geddes Engineers & Architects, overcame numerous challenges within the project, resulting in a community facility that met or exceeded all functionality requirements, while staying within the fiscal and time scope of the brief.

Waipu Celtic Barn: this award is only the beginning!

Featuring world-class acoustics, unique timbers and hand-made Celtic stained glass feature windows, the Waipu Celtic Barn is a true fusion of function and form.

For Trigg, the challenge lay in coordinating expectations across a number of community groups and interested parties, allowing for the community’s needs to be met, while maintaining a tight rein on the construction project scope. Darrell and his team at Trigg worked tirelessly to achieve a structure that would not only stand the test of time, but that would also meet the approval of the entire Waipu community.

The results are more than impressive: they’re award-winning!

Trigg: 80% above industry standards

The New Zealand Commercial Project Awards judge on a scale of 0-100, and with Trigg scoring a near 90, it is safe to say that their processes and achievements are rated at over 80% above accepted industry standards. This is something that the entire Trigg team are extremely proud of, and the same standard of work is evident across many of their other award-winning projects.

A success for their clients is a success for Trigg: experience a higher level of commercial construction with the award-winning team at Trigg!

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From left: Darrell Trigg – Managing Director:Trigg, Richie Guy – Chair of Waipu Joint Venture Trust, Warren Henwood – Project Manager: Trigg, Philip Higham – Principal Architect: Hawthorn Geddes, Dale King: Placemakers

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