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It’s been a busy first quarter for us. Our team is on-site and well into constructing a 5000m2 bulk store facility for Nutrinza. We’re also nearing completion on twelve 150m2 units at the Aubrey Business Centre, Marsden Cove. We’re pushing on with two new projects. The Ruakaka Recreation Centre is in detailed design for consent stage, and the Mangawhai Medical Centre is moving into the design stage now that resource consent is granted. Both of these projects are great examples of what can be achieved with an Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) approach. Our new website has more about our partnered ECI approach if you’re keen to know more.

Nutrinza. This is a 5000m2 bulk store with loading and dry store capability. The team on-site are well into the project now, with the main store and loading bay floor down and almost halfway through erecting the steel structure. We’re on target to give the tenant access to the loadout bay in April to begin their plant fit-out, with the complete facility due to be handed over in the third quarter of 2022.

Aubrey Business Centre. We’re nearing completion on the construction of twelve 150m2 units. Most of the units are complete, with the final fit of electrical and plumbing services taking place at the moment. We expect to hand these units over in early April, with the client managing the civil works.

Ruakaka Recreation Centre. The Trigg team have been working in the background with the client and the design team in an Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) capacity to maximise the client’s budget through constructability efficiencies, material selection for durability and ease of maintenance. The project is now in the detailed design for consent stage. Depending on how long it takes to get consent, the team aims to hit the ground by June to start earthworks and other enabling works.

Mangawhai Medical Centre. We’ve been nurturing this project for a while now, helping the client with budget and scope decisions and the resource consent application. With consent now granted, it’s time to push on to the design and construction of this 1800m2 facility. As we did with the Ruakaka Recreation Centre, we’re currently working with the design team to finalise the scope and how we would construct the building. We’re planning for the Trigg team to get on-site during the fourth quarter of 2022.

We have several other projects that we expect to materialise over the next few months and end up in the same process. It’s great to work with clients that see the value and benefits of partnering up in the early stages of a project to solve any potential problems before you get to the site – it pays off in spades during construction. You can learn more about our Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) construction approach on our new website.

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