Project Updates

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Despite the challenges facing construction right now, we are busy with a range of ongoing projects and looking ahead optimistically to some exciting opportunities on the horizon. The Floating Marina Office is now full steam ahead with framing and joinery fitted and the roof on. Earthworks are complete for the new Ruakaka Recreation Centre and we’re crunching the numbers on recent changes to move closer to starting construction on this awesome facility. Next month we’ll be deep into a major renovation of the Ministry of Social Developments Whangarei office, so the team has plenty to put their work boots and hard hats on for.

Floating Marina Office  

The team is full steam ahead on this project down at Port Whangarei. We have the joinery fitted without glass, the roof is on and the framing is complete. We are currently finishing the first fit of all the services, such as plumbing, electrical, air-conditioning, and data. This continues to be a challenging but exciting project for the Trigg team led by Site Manager Brad with support from Rhys. The level of detail in the finishes is a real challenge with the team from Ignite Architecture doing a great job with the design. We look forward to seeing it on its way South by water to its new home once we have done our bit.  

Ruakaka Recreation Centre  

The team has been working overtime in the background to get this project underway. There have been several changes since the last update and we are very close to getting on-site and making a start. David and Aidan have been costing out the impact of the changes to ensure all costs are accounted for with nothing left out. The earthworks are complete, which consisted of removing the peat from under the building and replacing it with compacted hardfill metal. In some places the peat was 3 metres deep, so this was no small task. In mid-May, Darrell signed the contract to allow construction to begin. This is a major milestone and a credit to the client team for their tenacity and commitment to improving the community. Darrell and the entire Trigg team look forward to now getting stuck into the fun stuff.

The site of the new Ruakaka Recreation Centre

MSD Whangarei 

June will see us deep into a major renovation for the Ministry of Social Development at their office in Walton Street, Whangarei. This project has come through our partnership with the New Zealand Construction Alliance (NZCA). NZCA is a company made up of like-minded commercial construction businesses from all parts of New Zealand. The strength of NZCA is that they can bid for national contracts but deliver them through local contractors like Trigg, and use local suppliers and subcontractors. The value to the client is that they get a nationally consistent high-quality build completed by local companies with local knowledge, the outcome and benefit being far fewer hassles and a more cost-effective solution. 

Looking Forward

We are dealing with several clients, some returning, some existing, and some new, on a variety of projects from smallish to multi-story commercial buildings with multiple tenants. All of the clients are enjoying the Trigg process of partnered construction and we’re looking forward to sharing these projects in future newsletters as they get closer to starting on-site.  

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