Pushing Ahead for Northland

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In our view, non-residential building in the Northland region seems to have bounced back post-COVID relatively well. Indicators are that non-residential sector activity will peak in the first quarter of 2021 and drop off from there. As always, many factors contribute, but COVID is the biggest in recent times. The strong bounce-back we’ve seen can be largely attributed to current projects that are yet to be completed, but once these are finished there seems to be some reluctance to start the next wave.

We’ve personally experienced this ourselves. A couple of substantial projects have been put ‘on hold’ for now, and being design-build projects, even if given the green light, are still a long way from materialising on site. “Marlene and I are confident that between shovel-ready projects and those supported by the government’s Provincial Growth Fund, that there is enough of a pipeline to hold a steady course into the future,” says Darrell. “So much so, that we’ve signed up two new mature apprentices! It’s exciting times for us and our two newest teamsters looking to formalise their skills and training.” For us, it’s time to keep pushing ahead and actively contributing to the capability and future growth of the region.  

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