Spotlight on Rhys Wasson

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Rhys Wasson is a long-time member of Team Trigg. We’re super glad to have him on the team as he brings a massive amount of experience and skill from 35+ years working in construction around Whangarei. Over that time, he’s managed a real variety of projects. He is currently Construction Manager for the Hundertwasser Art Centre project, a building destined to become one of the region’s and New Zealand’s iconic structures.

As Construction Manager, Rhys manages all of our site teams and on-site functions, including the procurement of materials, subcontractors, health and safety, client requests and program monitoring. He also assists our project managers with cost control.

When he’s not on-site, Rhys loves spending time with his grandchildren, getting out on his boat to fish and dive, and in his veggie garden. He’s also a keen sports spectator.

 Just for fun, we put our Trigg 10 Quick Questions to Rhys, and this is what he had to say.

Cats or dogs? Most definitely dogs. I have 2.

Dance floor or karaoke? Neither really, but I have been known to participate with a few beers on board.

Coffee or tea? Definitely coffee.

Early riser or early night? Early riser during the week, with a sleep-in on the weekend.

Good book or Netflix show? Netflix. No bloody ads.

Talent you wish you had? Happy with the talents I have.

Dream destination?  Visit my daughter again back in Rome, where she lives.

Homebody or adventure seeker? Homebody for sure. Always something to do around home or at my daughter’s place. It’s the price you pay for being a chippie

Most treasured possession? Everything I’ve got.

Real-life hero? No one springs to mind.

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