Trigg Sports Arena Construction Team Show Community Spirit

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You must have noticed the huge new signage gracing the high-profile athletics and gym sports facility up at Kensington Park in Whangarei. Trigg Construction are now the naming rights sponsor of Trigg Sports Arena, and they couldn’t be happier. Trigg were the main contractors involved in the construction of the arena back in 2012 and it’s fantastic that the local company who built this world-class sports arena can now put their name to it. They are particularly proud of this project and are thrilled to be a part of its future.


Trigg Construction are a local, well-established and well-respected construction company who always stand by their projects. They place a firm emphasis on the planning stage of any project, believing in starting at the end product and working their way back. They ensure that the finished project not only meets all the client’s expectations, it exceeds them. The Trigg Sports arena construction was a process which required a great deal of specialist expertise, planning and collaboration prior to construction to ensure the completed project met the needs of the community now and into the future. The facility was purpose-built to house both athletics and gym-sports, because these foundation sports both provide children with the essential movement skills required for all sports. 

Managing Director Darrell Trigg is a strong believer in the power of transparent processes. “We work with our clients as construction partners with everyone kept in the loop throughout the whole build. This way everyone is on the same page from the outset and there are no surprises.” 

Trigg is proud to be able to come full circle and put their name to a sports arena which plays such an important part in the future of Northland’s sport. This facility has meant that Athletics Whangarei and Whangarei Academy of Gymnastics are able to be housed together, and since its opening in 2012, they have seen membership increase. Trigg is proud to see the future of Northland enjoying the opportunities Trigg Sports Arena provides, and is delighted to play an ongoing role in this community facility.

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